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    Center for Criminal Science and Criminal Policy

    Centro de Ciencias Penales y Política Criminal | www.centrocienciaspenales.edu.py

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    The Center for Criminal Sciences and Criminal Policy is an Institution of Higher Education, recognized by Law N ° 3754/2009. It guides its activities on the principle of the research and teaching unit in order to • Generate scientifically valid knowledge for the Administration of Criminal Justice and for a rational criminal policy, and • To form qualified jurists and probos at the service of a coexistence of people in a State of Law.

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    Maintain social peace In addition, it cultivates in a special way the dialogue on the sources of current national criminal legislation. Based on the classical model of law teaching through lectures, exercises and research seminars, now expanded by tutorials, an extensive program of postgraduate courses facilitates obtaining certificates of deepening and specialization and advance to the academic degree of Master and Doctor of Science Penalty


Center purposes:

a) promote the global and coherent reform of the legal-criminal order of the Republic of Paraguay and the region;

b) promote research in all areas of criminal sciences;

c) contribute to the teaching of Law at all academic levels, and to the professional deepening of jurists;

d) provide scientific support to national, foreign and international legislative processes;

e) exchange information in the field of national and international criminal policy;

f) promote university reform in accordance with the principle of the research and teaching unit and with the educational needs of the country.

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Módulo I:

Derecho Penal - Parte General.

Módulo II:

Derecho Penal - Parte Especial.

Módulo III:

Derecho Procesal Penal.

Módulo IV:

Seminario de Investigación.

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